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Go fund my niece, please

Amelie, my 13 year-old niece has decided to have her hair cut today. Other than minor trims, this is the first time in her life that she is having it cut off. It is not a small thing. She has been growing her hair ever since she was a baby. Her decision to get rid of it now is because she finds it unmanageable to wash and comb alone. Her decision to have it cut off is practical but it also a brave one as she comes from a family with a proud Swiss tradition of women with long-hair - grandmother, mother, aunty and sister.

Amelie made this decision herself. It is  the first real decision she has made for herself in her life. As a sign of her growing maturity, she has also decided to donate her hair for free to a charity that makes wigs for hairless children. However, in order to make the wigs the charity requires funding of £500 per wig. Amelie has started an on-line campaign to raise the £500. She already has about £210. I am very proud of her strength of character, her concern for those less fortunate than herself and her self-motivation in making it happen.

For most of us comfortably retired philatelists and postal historians our hobby demands a disposable income. Perhaps you might care to channel a fraction of that towards my niece and some hapless, hairless child? If you can make a £5 donation (the minimum the charity accepts is £5!)  it will be very gratefully received and go a long way to putting a rusty red wig on some sick, bald child.

Please go to:

1]. Amelie and Me (the postal historian).
2]. Amelie and her younger sister, Isabella.
3]. Amelia and Isabella Halloween 2021.

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