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JANUARY 2020 - 'Show off of the Month': The South African War (ABW).

This is an example. These items are placed here to show you the format.

If you are wondering "why the stamps", these are ephemera, cinderellas produced by the Manchester Philatelic Society.

If you want to enter your SAW (South African War) items into the January 2020 competition, please enter them by pressing REPLY (below).

You can then enter any text you want to describe your items with. You can use up to 200 words. 

To upload an image, scroll down, click on Browse, then using the standard Windows search, find and select your scan. You can enter two scans per person per competion. To Add a second file, click on 'Add another file, then 'Browse' and repeat the process.

Your scans must be 200 dpi JPG or PDF files (less than 3Mb in sixe).

Good luck!

Uploaded files:
  • SAW-Army-Form-00.jpg
  • SAW-MPS-Sheet.jpg
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So here is my cover of the month.

I found this cover in a lot of old run down items.  As you can see it is fairly damaged with a bad tear.  It was severely rusted, but a good  friend did a great restoration work on it.  The Standerton rubber cancel used is fairly rare, and since it was made of rubber, those that survived or not always as clear as this example - that is the main reason I had it restored.  

It also has a intact V.R Martial Law censor label on the back.

Uploaded files:
  • IMG_20200705_0005.jpg
  • IMG_20200705_0006.jpg

Otto's Hoop in Manuscript


Uploaded files:
  • ottos-hoop-manuscript.jpg
  • clanwilliam-cover.jpg
  • clanwilliam-manuscript.jpg
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