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Here is another example of using a non-contiguous paint-bucket to drop black into an undecipherable postmark to see what it is. This does not always yield a satsfactory result but in this case this method of postmark detection worked a treat. The proof is, as they say, in the pudding.

The method of doing this is explained in the last Post. See:

What should be noted is that when my good philatelic friend Bob Hill purchased this cover from a fellow member of the Hitchin Stamp Club many years ago, he was told it was a Durban postmark. Without checking, Bob subsequently wrote it up as a Durban postmark. He then supplied his display sheet to me and without checking I wrote it up on this website as a Durban postmark. A month later, when I was revising the 'King's Head Postmark and Cachet Display' further to Roger Porter's comments, I had reason to look at this cover again. It was then that I realised my error. I don't think this sort of thing happens often but in this case I blame myself entirely for not looking harder in the first instance. As a result, I am kicking myself and fully accepting my responsibility for this. Yes, the bokkie stops here!

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