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Cape Town Paquebot

Here One of my letters, from my Whalers collection, to view

Letter sent by Harry Amundsen, working at the whale factory S / S "Solglimt" "with destination Sandefjord Norway.

Solglimt Visited on the way to the whaling grounds Cape Town on November 20, 1935. All the letters from the expedition (factory ship and whalers), destined for Norway where collected. As long as the letters are in bags landed, Norwegian stamps accepted and from one Cape Town Paquebot stamp provided. This UPU regulation was valuable for the sailors because they got away with Norwegian stamps for every letter domestic rate (= 20 øre between 1- 6-1932 and 1-9-1942). It rate foreign was 30 øre between 1- 1-1927 and 1-10-1946. Without the regulation, South African foreign tariff would have to be used.

Whale factory ship “Solglimt”. Built by Blohm & Voss, Hamburg as Potsdam for the Holland Amerika Line, Holland. Later sold to Sweden and renamed Stockholm. Sold in 1928 to A/S Atlas, converted from passenger/general cargo to whale factory in Gothenburg in 1929, renamed Solglimt. Purchased by A/S Odd (Thor Dahl), Sandefjord that same year.


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I like that!!!!!!



That's an interesting cover, Albert. Thanks for posting it. I recall various shore-based whaling stations around the Cape

I think that a Club Collective display on "The Paquebot Marks of Southern Africa" would be a useful project. I propose Paquebot  marks from every port from Swakopmund south around the Cape and north up to Beira in Mozambique. I can make a reasonable contribution to getting it going but the small out of the way places like Luderitz, Port Nolloth, Saldanha Bay, Mossel Bay, Richards Bay, (all the Bays!), and Beira will have to be filled in by the experts among you. Does anyone besides Jamie think this is a worth doing?

Below area few Paquebot covers from Cape Town. They are not my finest but they are the ones closest to hand right now. All are from Cape Town and as you can see from the stamps they were all used at much the same time, from about 1942 - 1952. The top boxed rectangular Paquebot mark is an 'omnibus' one, ie. it was supplied to most if not all SA ports, including Simonstown, a naval base. Putzel says its use in CapeTown  started about 1910. I think earlier. more like 1902. As you can see it enjoyed a long working life. The central circular Dumb Paquebot was used in Cape Town during WW2. The latter Double Circle is from 1952.

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