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I recently purchased this Cinderella as a 'Kenya' ww2 item.  I am sure it is South African not only because the 'Native Military Corps' was S.A. but because of the shape of the 'Elephant' collar badges.  Can anyone confirm?

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For your information I post a scan of a cover from the Welgedacht NMC Training Camp post marked at Springs on 8 August, 1941.

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New for me, This Elim hospital must have serviced needs for the military transport on the Great North Road traveling up to Kenya and beyond.  Also interesting that it is marked 'On Active Service' not 'On Service'.

I must admit not being from South Africa I am a bit confused about the use of "On Service", and "On Active Service". The way I understand it is that "On Service" was mainly used on letters from within South Africa, however I have seen it on a cover from Mombasa.

It could have been written in South Africa and posted when the serviceman landed but it is wrong.

Job done.

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Well-worn WW II cover with lovely Jan Smuts cinderella on reverse.   we are still gathering information on South African Cinderell's especially the W.W. periods.  HELP!

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