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COGH Revenue publications

A few months ago I emailed  3 volumes of the COGH Revenues I have Published - you have made available Vol 1, when will you publish Volumes 2 and 3? 

Sorry John, I have no good excuses. Your Part 2 'COGH Revenue Stamps 1825 - 1865 has been ready to go up for some months. It has been my intention to get yours and other material up by the the end of October 2021 as this will coincide with a meeting of the South African Collectors' Society in Letchworth on the 30th October. All welcome. I apologise that you have had to chase me about this. Volume 2 will go up shortly followed by Volume 3. I have enjoyed reading both again. I particularly like the maps you have used on pages 51 and 52. I have seen them used elsewhere and wonder if they are yours or in the common domain? Again, many apologies. Watch this space.

Steve - Move your *&^% !



Arse appropriately kicked and motivated. See:

I will now post a new display every few days until the backlog is cleared. Watch this space.

Didn't realise you understood short hand!