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Comment here on Dr Frank's 'Canadian Participation in the South African War'.

Having Dr Frank contribute his 'Canadian Participation in the South African War' is without doubt the South African Philately Club's crowning achievement to date. That is not to belittle or to demean other contributors' efforts. It is merely a statement of fact that Dr Frank has set the bar extremely high with this contribution. He has collected this display over 50 years from material that does not come up very often. As a consequence, what we see here is page after page of  material that is uncommon, scarce, even rare. Faithful to the subject's heading, it is a wonderful insight into the Imperial era and the loyalty that Canadians had to the Crown.  We are honoured to host it here.

It is really a privilege to be able to view this display and to see such a meticulously collected and written display. The South African War, in my opinion, is one of the most difficult areas to write-up as it needs an enormous amount of study, both of the history of the war as well as the movements of troops. Difficult to choose but my favourite from the collection is the "Recovered from the Wreck of the Mexican." An amazing survivor from this mail.

Dr. Frank,  I just want to say thank you for allowing us to post this collection and say how much I enjoyed it.  It is so refreshing in these computerised times to see someone take the time and trouble to write a collection up by hand!  and I may add, make such a good job of it.  It is so many years since we enjoyed our times together at the Wanderers, what is it now forty or fifty years?  Apart from a cup of tea and a biscuit at the Royal we haven't been together since... what I am trying to say is your collection has made the memories come flooding back!  Thank You.  Here's to the old days and to those who are no longer with us.


David Biggins who runs the the Anglo-Boer War Forum, a site I use a lot, has linked to this article.

Many thanks, David!

Hello Steve,

I have looked at your site and like the format.  The article on the Canadian participation was very interesting.
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