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Comment here on Tony Howgrave-Graham's 19th Century Shipping Mail

When I first saw Tony's 19th Century Shipping Mail display I was left speechless. This magnificent display took my breath away. I think everyone who sees cannot but help having their socks blown off. It has contributed much to my edification and delight. The more I look, the more I am impressed with the covers and Tony's knowledge. I am reminded of Ozymandias, King of Kings - "Look on my works ye mighty and despair!" Clearly, this is an absolutely top-notch display that leaves me hugely embarrassed for waxing lyrical about my own minor Cape pieces at SACS meetings. Thanks for sharing this with us, Tony. You have contributed mightily to the stature of the SAPC this month!

Tony, Love your exhibit, I thought you might be interested in this cover complimenting your cover from the same correspondence, you will see under the manuscript 'K' there is a note presumably from Dr. Burke which reads 'Dear old gran'.  I take it to mean that the cover & letter were from his gran.

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Tony - such a great exhibit - thanks. In my area I do have a note of appreciation of your Chalon Natal 1861 cover - although a little ragged at the edges its a triple weight cover and very rare thus - the local postage at the time from PMBurg for mail abroad was 6d - this is franked 1/6 and should have had a further 1/6 due in the UK for the 6d packet rate, but was rated there at a quadruple weight so 2/- due!