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Comment on "The Stamps & Covers of Victorian Natal"

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“The Stamps & Covers of Victorian Natal". (Keith Klugman.)

The wonderful feast of the "Rarities of Natal" is a mere appertiser for this sumptious 120 page spread of unbelievable philatelic and postal history delights! If you wear a hat, hold onto it. If you do not, hold onto your hair or what is left of it! Hold onto something. This display is a Knockout! Keith has the world's best collection of classic Natal philately. It includes most of the known premier items. It has been said that what Keith does not have, the Queen has and what HM does not have, Keith has. There is no one that can better this outstanding collection which has received some of the best international top awards in the USA, UK and South Africa. We are humbled and honoured to present it here.

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The best Natal exhibit I've seen! - Gibbons 2021 says the S.African market is "flat" except for Natal which has made a resurgence - now we know why - I think Keith has bagged all the best material so what's left is costing more!

Thank you Keith for this wonderful archive of early Natal material. Having seen your superb display of embossed Natal covers some years ago at the Royal, I thought it to be the epitome of the subject. Now you have taken it so much further, and given us all a chance to enjoy it, and see the comparisons.

Early Natal postal material is scarce, because there were so very few "europeans" in Natal in the 1830's. The  history book explains why.

Thank you Keith for  also publishing two further excellent displays in the latest issue of the Cape and Natal Journal.