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Entire Dublin to London - References to Military, India - Battle of Scinde & Prize Money.

The ship referred to , the 'Marquis of Huntley' must have called in at Cape Town (Sorry Steve, Simon's Town didn't open as a R.N. port until 1867 so it wasn't there ).

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This is a very good example of mail of the period and very well preserved.  I am certainly convinced it stopped in the Cape and probably also picked up and or delivered letters and maybe passengers. The Cape at the time was a place many officers serving in India and or what is now Pakistan preferred to spent time and recuperate from the harsh climate and diseases of the subcontinent. 

I also like the way you presenting these items by copying parts of the letter. The "2" is presumably a 2/- charge? 

I am also interested to know how you suggest one label images on a display page. It used to be "facsimile" long ago. Scan? Copy? Image copied form the web? Have you got any  suggestions and or preferences?


If it is a scan call it a scan, if it is an Internet image call it what it is.