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J Perkins shop , Worcester

Good day sir,

I came across your wonderful article by Gawie Hugo regarding the shop in Worcester  run by Mr. J. Perkins 

I  conduct a photo collection of bygone Worcester on Flickr here;    and would also  love to use the photo of the shop in Gawie's article in my collection. Could you please give me permission or alternatively put me in touch with Mr Hugo?

Your favourable attention would be highly appreciated.


Etienne du Plessis.

Hi Etienne,

Many thanks for your kind words and for contacting us to ask permission.

 I have emailed Gawie and you separately. I  hope that you will receive a favourable response.

Thanks Steve..............



Photos are a big part of this postal history site and are often worked into philatelic displays. I am really busy right now but had a quick skwizz at your flickr site and am very impressed. You have some amazing images which remind me a lot of my time growing up in Pinelands, Cape Town and holidaying at my aunt's hotel in Ceres. I will return for a longer look when I have more time.

BTW, I was playing cricket on Julianaveld, Pinelands, in the early 60s when a SAAF Ventura decided to crash there on take-off from Ysterplaat. See;

Thanks for that reply Steve,

I would like to include your vivid description of those happenings at the Julianaveld in my Flickr posting of that event,  if you don't mind.

Here is a colour shot of the crash probably  taken  the next day.

Bye for now,



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My pleasure, Etienne. Please use it. I remember it like yesterday - 64 years ago!