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Jamie Smith's List of Zoom Displays with his contact details.

Jamie has been eager to give Zoom displays ever since Adél Bulpitt, the enthusiastic and pro-active Vice President of the Pretoria Philatelic Society and Member of South Africa Philatelic Federation, used her technical wiles and ways to convert him with missionary zeal to the new world of on-line philatelic and postal history displays. I was more resistant to Adél's proselytizing but I can see clearly now that she was right and I was wrong. The attached PDF list is a tribute to Jamie's love of philately and Adél's guiding hand. Philately owes you both a debt of gratitude. Thank you.   

See Jamie's attached PDF file for his list of immediately available Zoom displays.

Please email Jamie to arrange a Zoom meeting.

There is no reason why others cannot list a PDF file here also. Please!

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Thank you, Steve,

We have been working hard to achieve this, but all the credit goes to Jamie who has brilliant material as well as a way to tell a story, I am in awe. I am hoping that when I finally grow up, to be as polished and accomplished a philatelist as Jamie. For now, I am just a slave driver as he says, working him hard so that my generation and the next can benefit and learn. For the older generation, it is a fond trip down memory lane, with all the additional extras he adds to his displays. My mission is to immortalize his collection and technology makes it possible.

See you in one of our next zoom meetings