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JIPEX minisheets

I am looking for the following green ½d JIPEX minisheets panes MNH:

Panes 3, 6, 7, 9, and 21

If you can provide me with any, or all, of the above, please email the panes numbers and your price to Schalk de Klerk at

Postage via Postnet to be added; I live in Yzerfontein



I am also looking for JIPEX mini sheets. 1d  Panes 18 and 20  and 1/2 d Panes 1, 6, 9, 17 and 18. You can email me with prices to I will also pay for Postnet delivery, I am in the Muldersdrift area.

I have a number of JIPEX mini sheets that I do not want but no knowledge of the Pane numbers you refer to. Where can I find this?


In andswer to my query Roy Ross has kindly provided his authoritive display

I do not collect JIPEX sheets but I retain an interest in them. I recently found the cover below among my accumulation. I have had it for about 20 years and when I found it again I did not really look at it. I assumed it was a JIPEX sheet. On closer inspection I realise that it was not an overprinted JIPEX sheet but a standard booklet sheet.

While it is possible to find a mass of information on JIPEX sheets, (see Roy Ross's display, link above), there is little to be found on such ordinary fare as this. I found nothing in the SACC 2008/09 which surprised me. Perhaps I missed it? I don't think so.

However, the Stanley Gibbons Catalogue 2009 is more helpful. Page 553, BOOKLET PANES, says "Booklets issued in 1935 contained 1/2d and 1d stamps in panes with advertisements in the top and bottom margins and no margin at right (Nos. 54b and 56d). These were replaced in 1937 by editions showing blank margins on all four sides (Nos. 56e and 75ba). Following a period when the booklet panes were without margins a further 3s booklet was issued in 1948 which had four margins on the panes and postal slogans at top and bottom (Nos. 56h, 87b and 114a)".

So my cover below dated '12 1 36' bears a full booklet 1/2d sheet from 1935 (No. 54b). How unusual is this?

Uploaded files:
  • Advertising-Booklet-Block-no-55.jpg

The best basic source for detailed information about Union stamps is the Union Handbook:  Hagger SJ 1979  The stamps of the Union of South Africa 1910-1961.  Handbook Catalogue, Definitive Edition. Reijger Publications, itself a revision of two earlier Handbooks - the original 1952 Handbook, and the 1960 Golden Jubilee edition.  Despite the implicit claim of the "Definitive" label, the 1979 Handbook isn't always reliable, and, sadly, rarely sets out the evidence for what it says;  it needs updating, but is the best we have at present. 

According to the section on booklets (Chapter 11), the Advertisement Booklets (UHB's B10)  appeared in 1935.  The stamps they contained were the first Union stamps to appear carrying the hyphenated spelling "SUID-AFRIKA", and were printed from new cylinders, which used the same multipositives as those used [probably subsequently] for the ½d Issue 4, and the 1d Issues 10 and 11.  Surplus sheets of these booklets stamps were overprinted JIPEX / 1936;  and therefore the same flaws can be used to identify sheet position for the booklets and for the JIPEX sheetlets.  It's not uncommon to see complete booklet sheets used on covers - presumably often but not always philatelically.  

Many thanks, Bas. I will endeavour to get Hagger.  Also, I must thank you for introducing me to Roy Ross who kindly provided his JIPEX display for reference on this site. That has resulted in some further interest, one of which is a member submitting a new and unrecorded JIPEX cover. If you want to see the post and Roy's reply, click here: