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Natal Cork Cancellers on Cover plus single Natal, OFS and Transvaal

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There is a Transvaal Facebook page which is very active.  There were several recent posts with cork cancelers, also on postal items - please have a look.

I am not a fan of Facebook for a wide variety of reasons. It is politicised, anti-democratic, censorious and places restrictions on freedom of speech. It tracks you all over the internet while building up a data profile of you which it uses for its own ends. If you are going to use Facebook, at least use FireFox as a your browser. This has a setting that can disrupt Facebooks tracking capability.

I went to the ZAR & Transvaal Philately page from the link above hoping to see some ZAR cork cancellers. I never got to see them (which was disappointing) because I am not signed up to Facebook and never will be. I did have a Facebook page once which I decided to close. Facebook warned me that if I closed my account I would never be able to rejoin. That decided it for me. I left.

I see that ZAR & Transvaal Philately is Private Group with 196 members. It and the SAPC (South African Philately Club) were started at much the same time. The significant difference between the SAPC and the ZAR & Transvaal Philately is that the SAPC website is open and accessible to all. If you want to view anything at all on the SAPC site, simply go to our website. The ZAR & Transvaal Philately Facebooc page requires you to first sign up to Facebook, then join the Group. Only then can you view material on their site. However, both sites require you to be a signed up member before you can post a comment. We do this because a]. it is a requirement of our Forum software but b]. also because it prevents bots (web robots that automatically post messages) from accessing the site as well us allowing us to remove content of an offensive nature. This is probably the same for ZAR & Transvaal Philately.

In an age where our hobby is slowly dying, it seems counter-productive to place restrictions on internet access to philatelic knowledge. But to each its own. Restrictive and repressive as it is, Facebook has a huge following. No doubt, ZAR & Transvaal Philately is simply doing what it must to use the Facebook platform. I believe Jamie has a tenuous link to it which he uses to promote the SAPC.

Hi Steve,

I guess that there are many different sides to the whole Facebook story. It certainly does serve us well on both the ZAR / Transvaal as well as the Orange Free State Groups. I will try to pdf some of the images and discussion on the cork cancellers and re-post here. It certainly has been an eye-opener for many of us.



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