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November Issue - 13 - 11 - 2020

November Issue - 13 - 11 - 2020

Although this is an on-line magazine, not a print one, I like the concept of having a regular issue come out every month on more-or-less-the same date. This month we have made it through to another issue exactly one month after the last. That's pretty good going given that I was not at all sure one month ago what we would be showing today. But here we are, thanks to display contributions from Dr Joachim Frank, Tony Howgrave-Graham and Robert Hill, as well as contributions of smaller items from five others to Club Collective Displays.

I am grateful to all of them for sharing their displays with us but now I need YOU to contribute your display(s), please.

When I started the SAPC (South African Philately Club) it would be fair to say that I did not know what I was doing and how to do it. As a consequence I have learned a lot and adopted new ways of working. One of the things that distresed me about the early 'issues' was the poor quality of the scanned images, a result of my concern about keeping uploaded files small. I now have a better understanding of that process and as a consequence image quality is improving. Ideally, please supply your displays as a 300 dpi PDF file(s). I am happy to discuss this.

I can't stop thinking of this web site as a magazine. So, we will shortly have an Archive for back 'issues' where you can go and view old 'magazines'. Unfortunately, we did not save the first seven instances of this web site. Neverthless, that material remains on the web site. We also be adding a Search facility to help you find specific material. With time, I hope this will become a useful philatelic research trove.

Please use the Letters to the Editor to tell me what you want from this website. For me, a small amount of funding is becoming increasingly important. Right now, I need some additional software capability. It's not urgent but it would be nice if I could to subscribe to Small PDF (£81 pa.) for the forseeable future. There are ways we can do this. I can start a SAPC PayPal account linked to a Donate button, the begging bowl of the techno-age, or I can start an on-line shop or auction in the hope of selling items donated to the SAPC.

Stay safe, stay well and keep those displays coming!

Steve Hannath,