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Old Photographs of South Africa

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Welcome,  Really enjoyed the photographs.   You brought back so many memories, Cape  Town and the 'long' lift; I went up in that one 1966.  Next time I went up it was in the museum at the base (perhaps that is where I should be now!)  Thanks again and hope to see more of you. 

I am sorry that I missed your posts. Only saw them this morning. (09/05/2022!!!) Glad you liked the site. I enjoyed your photos, particularly the first with  'old chorrie', probably a highly modern motor car back then, with tent in the empty veld. I note the absence of proper camping amenities, no shower, no ablution block, no shade, as required by today's sun-blocked softies in 4x4s. In the second photo I see the car at the water source! Take a bath! Top up the radiator! Wish I could go back in time taking my medications and pain killers with me. I love photos that include cars as it really helps to put a date on the period. Ox-wagons are more difficult.

I am less famliiar with Worcester (Chas. Perkins!) than Wellington which was on the route to Bains Kloof, Mitchell's Pass and Ceres, my holiday haunt with my Afrikaans aunts. Worcester was the way to the Little Karoo via Du Toits Kloof, sadly a route I seldom got to travel enough. I am guessing that Du Toit's Kloof Pass in the 1930s would have been a real challenge, as were Bains Kloof and Mitchell's Pass which were rebuilt by Italian POWs during WW2 and which I travelled extensively in the 50s and 60s. (I collect postcards that serve to recreate the wonder of that dramatic journey.) My Aunt Tilla told me, somewhat disapprovingly, that the Italian POWs liked to sleep with Ceres' 'Coloured girls. I don't think she thought much of Italians - and nor they her! As for Mont-Aux-Sources, it's not for the lack of mountains and twists and turns that they had the 'Roof of Africa Rally' there.

Many thanks for posting this materal. Sorry again that I missed it. Please post more. This is the background colour to SA philately.

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