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Portuguese East Africa aka Mozambique

Dear Jamie,

Thank you for your interest in the South African Philatley Club. We are always pleased to receive new contributions and suggestions for new threads and also for the overall improvement of the site for the benefit of members.

We have discussed this and thought that we should start a Club Collective Display on Mocambique, which I see you spell with a 'Z', as does Gibbons, while the stamps use a 'C'. Please, let's not get into too deep a discussion about the spelling. I am willing to spell it either way. However, if a third party would like to join in and settle this for us I am happy to go along with whatever the membership decides.

The problem with a Club Collective is that all material must be sent to the Editor, me. (That's me, not you 'me'.) I then have to put this into a PDF or a magazine format which can take days or weeks. The most immediate way for members to see their material posted is to place it in a Forum. The added benefit of this is that it allows easy interaction and discussion between contributing members. Currently, there are several forums that are quite busy. This is really great to see - and informative!

I have just created a "Portuguese East Africa" thread. in the Forum. This will solve the spelling issue!

I will kick-it off by posting something. Please give me a few minutes to do this. Thanks,