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R.A.F. Cinderella?

Me spelling my name wrong reminds me of a friend called Ian Brown his father in law refused to speak to him until he found it could be changed to Jan Bruin.  True!

I post my cover here although I don't see Steve's wonderful cover here.  My questions are in the write up.  Any answers?

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Here is my contribution to the Lourenco Marques RAF roundel label discusion. It is outside of my field. I know nothing other than that I like it! This cover is dated '12 11 43', about a year after yours. It has a decided 'V for Victory' element to its design. It must be of pro-RAF design. I suspect that perhaps A W Bayly was a British South African or Rhodesian loyalist, possibly working as a freight forwarding agent. It is possible that this cover has been embellished by the dealer who sold it to me. He was known to add value like this to some of his items.

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I think because my label is tied, that it increases the possibilities that your example is genuine usage!

Yes, I would agree with you - but only by the amount of tieing on one perfin!

Does anyone else have a similar example?