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SA Airmail Literature

I am in the process of writing a short introduction to the history of aviation in Bechuanaland/Botswana

For that purpose, I am having having trouble getting access to a couple of publications. If somebody have excess copies and am willing to pass with them, please let me know. (Or even better does scanned copies of any of these exist.)

Arrow, N., 2008??. South African Airmails, First or Second Edition. Published by the Author, Musbury, United Kingdom.

Stern, M.F., undated. South African Airmails. A Chronological Listing Indicating the History and the Development of South Africa and South West Africa. Philatelic Federation of Southern Africa.

Wyndham, L.A., 1936. Airposts of South Africa. Cape Times, Cape Town.

And finally a question? How was Burrell's (1986) Par Avion in Southern Africa published? My copy is a flimsy photocopy with an invalid ISBN.

Any guidance to the SA airmail and particularly Botswana.

Thank for the help

Peter Thy

Good Morning, there are 2 copies of Airposts of South Africa, by L A Wyndham. I also have a copy. Kind Regards Glenn

Sorry I forgot to say on Ebay. Regards Glenn