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Ships, shipping, the men who sailed in them and the postal history that resulted.

Having posted a ship related item yesterday and about to begin the 'Battle of the Atlantic' tomorrow I saw how much other ship related material I had that didn't fit elsewhere so decided to open the subject up as a 'fishing' trip'.  What do you have in the bottom of that shoe box that you would like to share?

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Missed the most important one!

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Hi Jamie,


Ships, shipping etc is a large subject - here is an example of something which appears unique, but is it ?

Sadly not a cover, but a piece.  Anyone have more information?


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Does anyone have a spare cover or piece of the Zwieg Linie cancellation in need of a good home?

If you have, please email me on



South Africa - Paquebot.  The last Item is for Steve (to look at!)

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Jamie, I'm imagining the interest is the Burmeister connection? Here are four similar but slightly earlier East London Paquebot covers addressed to Burmeister & Co. I have not written them up. Sorry! They are in need of a good home! Any takers?

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Show Off! - Lucky I only do Elizabeth.

'Me being me.

Kloof,  The penny dropped, I remember that piece cancelled 'Seepost'.  If I remember correctly it was in Izzy Yudakan's collection.  for me it open's up an old question, 'What was the connection between ship's captains and the post office?'  Many years ago I had a strip of East African stamps cancelled 'Tanganyika'  - it was a long time before I found out that it was a ship cancellation.  I now have one cover landed from a ship which I show here, where the cover is cancelled by a ship's cachet.  It would appear that on your piece, in the absence of a cachet someone on board, probably the captain the cover was cancelled Seepost in manuscript.  On my cover there are no post office markings (no paquebot) - what was the arrangement with the post office?  Were the items just ignored?

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