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Simonstown - Fleet Mail Office.

as far as I can remember all Fleet Mail Offices had a number - not a name.  Why is Simonstown different and what was its number?

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This is very nice. I wish it was in my Simonstown display.

Simonstown is not different. This is a different postmark, a 'FLEET MAIL OFFICE SIMONSTOWN'. There are two types of postmark from this era, one that says 'BRITISH FLEET MAIL' with '29' at base, which you are referring to, and yours above, 'FLEET MAIL OFFICE' with 'SIMONSTOWN' at base.

I have identified four BRITISH FLEET MAIL 29s.

1]. Asterisk top Day before Month over Year.
2]. Asterisk top Month before Day - No Year.
3]. Asterisk top above Month - No Day, No Year. (Below).
4]. Year above Day before Month over Asterisk.

The absence of a Year in your postmark is not uncommon. They are seen equally with and without. Your cover is "very nice" because the London Maritime Mail machine canceller provides a date for your 'No Year' Simonstown postmark.

The British Fleet Mail Postmark with the number 29 at base came into service roundabout the end of WW2.  I have seen it said that this is the number for Durban (or the number shared by Simonstown and Durban) but I have never found an example used in Durban. Mine are all from Simonstown - which incidentally nouveau Simontonians now demand be spelled as two words. Simons Town.

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Thank you Sir, you can take the rest of the day off.