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South African Cinderellas of WW2: Jamie Smith

This is a very useful and entertaining  introduction to the non-postage Cinderella labels used in South Africa during WW2. These propaganda and charitable labels adorned covers for the purposes of raising awareness about security issues, as well as funds for the War Effort. As such they supported a wide variety of related causes, like servicemen's welfare, Navy Week and POWs. They provide an interesting and colourful insight into the divided mindset of White South Africa during WW2, a time when Empire Loyalists stood firm with Smuts, Britain and the Western Allies against the Nazis while Afrikaner Nationalism equivocated, bided its time, kept memories of British 'barbarism' alive and its powder dry, all the while plotting for republican power and a final solution to the Native Problem.

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I enjoyed that, especially your reference to Navy Week. Here are two pages from my Simonstown display as PDF.

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I enjoyed your post on Navy week just now - I am learning all the time!

I would point out that there are three points which I picked up when I showed my presentation yesterday which have since been rectified.  One of the things pointed out was that on the SWA cover was that the censor's lable was tied with the coat of arms 'L' cachet for Nysna but under magnification it is an 'S' so it was censored in Port Elizabeth.  Anoher interesting point is that the 'Russian' 3d cinderella has the combined logo of the Red Cross and The Red Crescent, which I have never seen before.  The last alteration was the use of a 4d Red Cross stamp to make up the postage, I had that one completly wrong - put it down to senior moments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is is quite nice because it includes a letter written from a farm in SWA.

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