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South African forces in Great Britain WW2.

Mail  from South Africans and South African Forces in World War II is not too difficult to find.  I separate the two areas as many South Africans served in the three British services, especially the Royal Navy.  In many cases alongside of the S.A. Military.

Where I find a difficulty is finding mail associated with the 'South African Repatriation Center' at  Brighton, the small English holiday resort on the south coast of Great Britain where many South African ex-P.O.W. and presumably serving South African's were stationed, found themselves before returning to S.A. at the end of the war.  The South Africans (both black and white) had to have been there in numbers as they had their own postal system and produced a one page magazine called 'The Springbok Brighton Bulletin'.

I add the three pages from my collection in the hope that they may attract similar material from that forgotten period of our history.  Maybe if we can glean enough material we can store it together so as to form a reference for future postal historians.


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I like Jamie's sentiment about making this website "a reference for future postal historians", basically storing this material for posterity, however long that is. Here's a cover I like that I hope will be enjoyed in the future. I hope it fits this thread. It describes the prevailing Empire Loyalist mood in White South Africa during WW2. Presumably the Empire Redezvous was a more meeting place for serving sons of Empire rather than true-born Brits. No doubt, true-born Brits were also always very welcome. Such was the spirit of the times.

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Beautiful!  I haven't seen the East London label before.  Thank you.