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The New York Collectors' Club Zoom Meeting, April 15 2021.


VIEW: “Victorian Natal” – Prof. Keith P. Klugman.
April 15 @ 10:30am and 5:30 pm Eastern Standard Time

*You will need a connected webcam, speakers and an installed copy of Zoom (free).

REGISTER: The only requirement for you to view Prof. Keith Klugman's Victorian Natal presentation is that you Register with the New York Collectors' Club first. Once registered the necessary log-in details to attend Keith's presentation are provided on-screen. Registration will result in you being invited to attend other Collectors' Club Zoom Meetings. You can UNREGISTER at any time.

NOTE BEFORE YOU REGISTER: This Zoom Meeting is being held twice on the same day to make it as convenient as possible for philatelists and postal historians around the world to attend one or both of these events.

If you register for 10:30am NY Time Zoom Meeting:
This will be at -
UK / Europe - 3:30pm
South Africa - 4:30pm

If you register for 5:30pm NY Time Zoom Meeting:
This will be at -
UK / Europe - 10:30pm
South Africa - 11:30pm

Choose your presentation time carefully. The times have been arranged in order to make it easy for collectors in Australia and the US West Coast to attend as one group and those on the US East Coast, the UK, Europe and South Africa as another group.


The Collectors Club, often referred to as the Collectors Club of New York, is a private club and philatelic society in New York City. Founded in 1896, it is one of the oldest existing philatelic societies in the United States. As it name suggests, it is headquartered in New York. It is a non-profit organisation with 750 members. Membership of a philatelic society is not a pre-requisite for attending a Collectors' Club Zoom meeting. South African Philately Club Co-founder Jamie Smith has been an enthusiastic attendee of New York Collectors' Club meetings since he discovered Zoom.

Unable to show his Natal display to the Royal Philatelic Society London because of the Corona virus restrictions, Keith Klugman kindly offered it to the South African Philately Club as a static website display. This led the Collectors’ Club to contact us about doing a joint Zoom presentation with Keith who readily agreed. We suggested widening the viewership by bringing in South African Collectors’ Society and the Cape and Natal Study Circle as well. The New Yorkers said “Great – the more the merrier! We can accept up to 2000 attendees!” So, if you are reading this, do not miss this opportunity to see Keith present some of the best bits of what is undoubtedly the finest collection of Victorian Natal philately and postal history in the world. I attended the South African Collectors Society Zoom meeting when Keith presented similar material there. The most remarkable thing about that Zoom Meeting was the slack-jawed silence at the end of it. This is your opportunity to be similarly awed and gobsmacked!


Keith has been collecting stamps for 62 of his 65 years, initially collecting stamps soaked off his grandfather’s incoming international shipping business letters, kept for him as a favor by the company secretary! In his early years he was passionate about making his own first day covers for new issues in his birthplace, Johannesburg,  South Africa, but then in his teens became an expert on the errors produced in printing official first day covers produced by the South African Post office.

His first foray into classic stamps and postal history was the British Virgin Islands, where the lack of available postal history led him to the fascination of the foreign mails of St Thomas in the Danish West Indies and his first Grand Award at NOJEX, NJ in 1989. As a young physician working in public health, still in South Africa, having acquired the bulk of the American Banknote Company proofs of Nova Scotia, he then put together a significant collection of the stamps and postal history of Nova Scotia, only to have his collection bought out by a major international exhibitor. Determined to put together a Championship level exhibit he turned his attention to Natal around 25 years ago. His current Natal collection has surpassed in material any that have previously been put together, and having won large gold awards at London 2010, New York 2016 and Wuhan 2019, will now be the first ever Natal to be exhibited in the Championship Class, planned for London 2022.

Keith has published more than 70 articles on the Victorian era of Natal stamps and postal history, most recently a definitive series of 3 articles in the London Philatelist on the postal uses of the 1857 embossed issue. He has twice won the Collectors Club of NY Medal for articles in the Collectors Club Philatelist in 2009 and 2011. In 2013 he won the Lee Medal of the Royal Philatelic Society, London for his presentation on Victorian Natal.

Keith currently leads the pneumonia programs for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle, where he is dedicated to reducing pneumonia mortality globally.