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Why Report Unrecorded Datestamps?

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This Forum exists to be useful. I am happy to start a new Topic. What shall we call it?

What I had in mind, was to ask how best to organise a postmark collection and if any members have any pages showing both postmarks on stamps as well as covers. I will provide more explanations once you we have the heading. Maybe something like Organizing and writing-up postmark collections? 1

Done. See: Organizing & Writing Up Postmark Collections

How best to organise a collection of postmarks on stamps and covers on display pages.

I am happy to make the first post but if you would like to take charge of this one, it's gratefully over to you!

St Cuthberts

I am collecting 2d Sailor Bantams with town postmarks A - Z. My aim is to have one, ideally three covers, for each letter of the alphbet. I think 'Y' will be the most difficult to find!

I saw this on sale recently on Sheldon Kosky's eBay shop:

I purchased it and received it this morning. I largely bought it because I like its rather odd appearance. It was listed on eBay as "GREAT BRITAIN 1944 GUILDFORD COVER TO SOUTH AFRICA RETURNED WITH EXTRA STAMP". (No mention of St Cuthberts, CP.) It is an example of Wartime Economy mail (another4 small collecting interest) where the postal stationery cover has been used twice, once as intended from the UK to St Cuthberts and then again more frugally from the church mice at St Cuthberts who have added a 2d Sailor Bantam to post it back to the UK.

I had to examine it under a printer's magnifying glass to read the postmark. I was delighted to discover it was from St Cuthberts, Cape Province dated '23 AUG 44'. I idly thought to look it up in Putzel Vol 9 and saw that it was not listed. I went on-line to Alex Visser's Addendum wondering if it was a new and unidentified postmark but, sadly no. It is Alex's no. 2x. You can see his listing below. Anyone can use his Addendum.

I am not disappointed it has been recorded. It will look good in my display.

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