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Welcome to "Be a Show-Off!"

I was warned that the term 'show-off' is "negative because few want to be known as a show-off".

However, in a more generous sense, there is something of a show-off in all philatelists and postal historians who stand before their peers sharing their prize display items and, importantly, their knowledge with them. That being the case, this competition is for all who want to be acknowledged as having acquired something outstanding for their collection.

1]. What we will accept

Mint stamps are not accepted. This compettion is for postal history on cover and or piece; blocks of used stamps showing complete postmarks; stamps showing 80% of postmarks; and also postcards, letters and items of ephemera ie. 'Open Class' material.

2]. Frequency and Subject Matter

Every month there will be a competition open to Club members who can submit two items. Your suggestions for categories are welcomed. I suggest the following to get started. January 2021 is fixed. (Ha! Sorry no pun intended). The rest can be changed.

January 2021
The South African War (ABW)

February 2021
Maritime Mail

March 2021
King's Head Covers

3]. How to Submit your Scans

Please either submit 200 dpi JPG or PDF files with up to 200 words of optional text each to the Editor or upload them here directly yourself. Use the text option to describe your item's most important features.

To email the Editor: <editor@southafricanphilately>

To Upload a file: Go to the Month in question, press the Reply button, enter your text, then scroll down to Upload Files, select Browse and go to where you have stored your image file. This must be saved as a 200 dpi JPG or PDF file.

4]. How we decide the Winner

At the end of each month or start of the next 'issue', the four Founder Members of the SAPC will choose a winner by a majority vote. If the result is a tie, the Editor shall have the deciding vote.

5]. Be a Winner - Be the 'Show-Off of the Month'

The winner will receive a 'Show-Off of the Month' certificate that will hopefully add future value to the winning item. As there will be only twelve winners each year, the South African Philately Club 'Show-Off' certificates will be relatively uncommon.

Go on, try to be the Show-Off of the Month! If you don't make an entry, you don't stand a chance.

Good luck.