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DECEMBER 2020: Wishing You Convivial Seasonal Greetings!

The South African Philately Club is almost one year old!

The South African Philately Club was started because of the Covid-19 lockdown's disruptive effect on out lives. It aims to provide a spot of philately for troubled times. Last week we gained a new SAPC member from Cuba. I immediately started thinking about Angola again. It slowly dawned on me that rather than an ex-enemy, we now have a philatelic comrade in Cuba to share our hobby with, one who wants to learn about South African history through stamps. Philately and postal history has a proven ability to heal the divisions of the past and make new friends from strangers everywhere. Let's do so now. Let's start here today wishing Peace and Goodwill to All!

So, rather than moan about our current twin British pre-occupations - the Covid virus and the tiers and tears that an incompetent government has bought to our lives, as well as the long-running saga of signing a trade deal with an EU reluctant to acknowledge British sovereignity now that Brexit is concluded - I will ignore those obssessive distractions, as well as the very many regional problems that threaten our planet's equanimity .... and so now on behalf of myself and Jamie Smith and the other Founder members .... we

"Wish You a Joyful End to 2020 and a Bright and Properous New Year with Your Families and Loved Ones".

May 2021 be imbued with normality and common sense. May it allow us pick up our philatelic lives and return to society meetings, stamp fairs and auctions where we can interact in the civilised manner to which we were once accustomed.

Stay safe, stay well until that happy time.

Steve Hannath,

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