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York Stamp Fair Cancelled...

You may already be aware of this news but thought I'd share... 

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Pam, thanks for posting this advice. I apologise for the delay in replying.  I am trying to finalise a a new issue of the SAPC during what has been a very difficult time for my extended family. As I am a Lockdown Sceptic, I find this York Fair cancellation very disappointing.

Several collectors have recently asked me when will they see me at shows again. (I am a small-time East Anglian dealer). Only one of the three regional shows that I attend has contacted me about the start of a stamp fair. (Peterborough - late September). I have been pushing for the shows to re-open but my emails fall on deaf ears. I was told that York would open this month and got quite excited about this positive development and determined to go. But as you report, that has now been cancelled. I am gutted.

One of the problems that we have with getting stamp fairs up and running again in the UK is that the decision to do so is not made by the stamp fair organisers. Re-opening is denied by the owners of the property they rent from ie. the City Council in Arbury, the church in Chesterton and the race course in York (but not the Holiday Inn hotel in Peterborough). There are Covid legal requirements and constraints on the property owners that make the legal risks of allowing a stamp fair to far outweigh the short-term financial benefits.

I think we all have to hope for the best and then..... just do it! It is a pity that there is no philatelic body capable of giving direction in this regard. Run by mostly old boys who most fit the virus' demographic, they have feebly swallowed the government scaremongering hook, line and sinker. As a result, the advice our philatelic elders and administrators is cautiuous and negative at best. The have little room to maneuver. The sad fact of the matter is that many of us older boys have lost philatelic pals to the virus. Covid is a real threat to the elderly stamp collector with co-morbidity.

From my side, I've had the virus. What you do must be up to you. The problem is that the public has certainly not been kept informed by vigorous debate. All we have had is the government line supported by the opposition. The governemt has vigorously closed down its critics, like 'The Barrington Declaration'. So, I am much encouraged by the departure of the odious Hancock hypocrite and his replacement by Sajid Javid as Health Secretary, a man who famously resigned the Chancellorship on a matter of principle. I am most especially pleased to see Javid say that with regards to Covid, "World leaders have acted like panicked shoppers hoarding lavatory paper". Chief among these panickers has been the British PM whose name is no longer worthy of mention!

For those of you collectors who still have enquiring minds and want to understand why you are not going to a stamp fair any time soon,  see the arguments of a British medical professional fired for denouncing the government's response to Covid. His arguments are set out in his lawyer's letter below. It sums up everything I've worked out for myself using the government's own data. It answers most if not all  questions about Covid and the government's response to it, everything from Asymptomatic Transmission (RUBBISH!) to Bill Gates's questionable role in all this!

Its long. Like this post! But stick with it. There will be light at the end of the tunnel.

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I've heard from Andy Fitzpatrick, an ex-RAF rugby fan who is no doubt following the Lions Tours of South Africa closely. I usually see him at East Anglian stamp fairs where he buys, among other things, 'Red Crosses on Stamps'. Andy writes the following:

"Great to hear you're fighting fit.  I've heard mixed reports from organizers, reference putting on a show. I attended the Midpex Show at the weekend and was surprised to see it very well attended. Picked up some useful bargains too.

I'm not sure where you're based but Simon Shaw who organises a few shows is up and running. He had Milton Keynes, this weekend just gone and has Upminster the weekend coming. He also has Wandstead, Aylesbury, Stevenage and Sandy and a couple of others going ahead. I heard Northampton may be active now. Kings Lynn has the problem you mentioned with the council and I did hear that Peterborough will happen later into Autumn. I picked up a flyer from Clarendon Stamps stating they'd be attending most of Simon's shows plus Luton, Birmingham, Solihull and Salisbury.

I hope this is of use. Ring Simon and have a chat. Hopefully see you soon and chew the fat over a few albums.



This is great news. STAMPING IS COMING HOME!