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Allied troops, P.O.W. and workers in Great Britain during WW2.

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With Malaya, Singapore and Burma firmly under the control of the Japanese and the British licking their wounds in Kilindini (Navy), India and Ceylon we take a look at the Dutch East Indies.

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Still in the Dutch East Indies.

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For your 5 a day we have China.  A country often neglected as being part of World War II but in actual fact where it all started on 18/9/31 when Japan invaded Manchuria.  

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The Japanese attacked Burma early in 1942.  The British forces were forced to leave and sit in India and Ceylon, licking their wounds and preparing to strike back.  The turning point came with the Battle of Imphal in April 1944.  

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A little Burma ephemera and then on to the Australian war effort.

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Difficulty posting this morning.

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Still with Australian forces.

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The Last Australia pages.

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For our daily five we turn to New Zealand who not only fought in the Pacific but in the United Kingdom, the Royal Navy, Italy, Greece and in North Africa. 

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