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Allied troops, P.O.W. and workers in Great Britain during WW2.

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New Zealand forces in Italy, Fiji and New Caledonia.

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New Zealand then back to India with Admiral of the Fleet Lord Louis Mountbatton as the Supreme Commander operating out of India and Ceylon for the invasion of Burma and South East Asia.

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The Advance into Burma.

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Still in Burma.

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The last of Burma then out into the Pacific Ocean.

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The war in the Pacific and the American Navy.

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Still with the Americans fighting in the Pacific Ocean.

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Sadly this is the last of the WWII material.  As this was intended to be a British Collection I finish with a British ship serving with the American forces - Just to show they didn't do it all themselves!  Tomorrow I start your five a day (today was only four - sorry) with the 'Postal History of Queen Elizabeth II 1952-1971'.

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New addition to collection.

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