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Gevraagd perfins (Asked / Requested Perfins)

Perfins gezocht van South Africa en de Staten.

I might have some. Will look through my collection...

For those of you who neither speak Dutch or Afrikans, the message says "Perfins sought from South Africa and the States". With its Anglo-Saxon roots, English is remarkably similar to Dutch! Big Suprise, hey? Just compare the words.

"Gezocht" (sought or seached) is probably the only difficult one. Usually a 'ge' precedes a verb, (I think). I now wonder why I struggled with Afrikaans at school, particularly when my Mom was part Afrikaans. My grandmother's family were from Calvinia and her brother had been a Cape Rebel, a proto-Nationalist. I think I struggled with Afrikaans at school because the teachers were repressed and bitter bullies, Anglophobes who could not make the subject come alive. It was, after all, the 1960s, an era these teachers were not embracing. They were stuck in the 1930s on a Voortrekker wagon recreating the Boer's great adventure all the while travelling to the desolation of their race in the South African War. Somehow they could not forgive us for being young and saying we did not want their society or sacrifice. I realise now it was a little like being a Black schookid in Soweto in the 1970s made to learn in the language of the oppressor. Only it was never so bad for us! We could escape at the next lesson. Phew! Thank goodness that's over! It is now!